Happy Holidays From My Family To Yours!

About My Christy's

Hi. My name is Christy Owens. I'm the mother of four boys, and I have nine grandchildren. I know! That's a lot! Lol. I've been married for almost twenty five years, and I've also  been the leader of a praise dance ministry (Soldiers of Light Outreach Ministries: Church Without Walls) for almost fifteen years. I live my life with God first, and I want to reflect His Word with my clothing, as well as in my home. I know there's lots of you that want to also. I named the store My Christy's because I want it to feel personal to you. So, I pray you enjoy my collections! I'm also going to include designs that are not mine, but that still have the same message, and everyday items that we all use and need! To God be The Glory! Spread The Message, and inspire yourself and others! Let's change the world!!